"Laura is the real deal. As someone who is extremely energetically sensitive I often don't like to receiving energy work from healers because I don't always like what I can feel from them. Laura completely steps out of the way and lets the universe and her guides and yours flow through her. Her power and gentleness hold a beautiful container for whatever is ready to arise and heal within. The first time I saw Laura for a session I knew I was pretty out of whack energetically,  within the 30 minutes of her working on me, my chakras started to spin in the right direction again. I could feel it on the table and I knew what was happening and I was so grateful. Our work together has been so profound and it's helped me integrate all of the other healing work that I'm doing right now for my mind body and soul. Working with Laura is a priceless gift."

~ Justine 

" My reiki and sound healing session with Soulei was downright magic. I just got back from a month of traveling and needed some grounding. She gently brought me back down to earth. Her healing space in her home is breezy, clean and lovely. I was warmly welcomed and she made sure to chat with me, noting where I needed some energetic assistance. During the session I felt numerous “clicks” into place as she opened chakras and cleared blocks. I saw many clear visuals and colors. We exchanged the visions we saw after the session and found SO many connections between our experiences. I got some answers to big questions that had been swirling around in my mind. If I needed any further affirmation that energy healing is REAL and that IT WORKS this was it. I look forward to returning to Soulei for future sessions."

-Alix Camp of  Yoku Jewel

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