reiki trainings

Virtual Reiki Two Certification & Attunement

June 26th - 28th 2020

Friday - Sunday 11am - 1pm pacific time

This course will cover:

- Reiki two symbols 

- How to use symbols

- Long distance Reiki

- Guidance from your cosmic family

You will receive a Reiki two attunement that is imprinted in you for life as well as a certificate of completion. Your ability to connect with Reiki energy will amplify and quicken. This Attunement is powerful. The attunement and course materials are in the lineage of Usui Sensei. 

Please have a practice partner for Saturday and Sunday. If it is not possible to have someone with you that is okay. I will be showing you how to do a complete Reiki Session both days.


Donation :

The manual file will be shared via Dropbox.

Completion of Reiki One with Soulei and Ascended Beings of Light is a prerequisite for this course.

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