Sound is Medicine.


All living organisms, creatures, flora and fauna have a frequency called Biological Frequency Resonance. It is the frequency that is natural to the earth and us.

This is why communing with nature and syncing with the earths rhythm is vital for our well being.

In todays age there are many disturbances due to man made radiation, technology and chemicals.

All of this creates blockages and disruption to our health, specifically our immune system and hormone balance.

Sound has been used for centuries in ceremonies, celebrations and mournings. High vibrational music is a universal language not only for our minds but for our entire well being.

It harmonizes and restores our chi, emotional balance, immunity, sleep and nervous system.

Scientific studies have proven the effect of  different types of music played creates atoms that will form in one way or another. Some of the tests include comparing classical music to heavy metal rock being played to water.

Under a microscope the water formed differently depending on the frequency it was exposed to. 

If water reacts this way our bodies most certainly do as well since we are 60% - 70% water.

The frequency we expose ourselves to effects us internally :

 our organ function, mental state, adrenals, nervous system and so much more. 

Water holds memory.

* if this intrigues you watch "  Secret Of  Water " featuring Dr. Masaru Emoto Hado *




There are two frequencies that are commonly used for tuning music - 440 and 432 hz.

440 hz is what most music we hear today is tuned to.

Also known as Concert Pitch.

432 hz is the natural frequency of the universe and what we naturally sing to without outside influence.

The reason for what hertz or frequency used varies, for some 440 is best so they can play with other musicians,

for others 432 sounds and feels more blissful to them.

Both are healing in their own unique way.



The frequency I play crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes to is 444 hz and 528 hz.

444 is also known as the "key of David" as it brings peace amid chaos, it is also viewed as being the “key” that opens doors that no man could open on his own.

 Pope Gregory (590 AD) reduced the amount of intervals being sung in mass stating the music was "too holy"

for human ears.


528 hz is the frequency of love and repairs DNA. Many songs about love are attuned to 528hz including John Lennon's  soulful song "Imagine".


I offer sound healing within private or group yoga sessions as well as reiki sessions.

I find blending these types of modalities offer a heightened relaxed and healing experience.


Book a Session

Sound Bath for workshops, events or retreats

please email me .

44 minute private sound healing

melt into the sounds of crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and didgeridoo accompanied by pranayama (breathe technique ) and aroma therapy.

$77 for 1 person

$111 for a group (2 or more)

yoga & sound bath

breathe , move and melt with your choice of solar or lunar yoga class. Meditation and pranayama will be the foundation of each class offered.

We will end with a sound bath and aroma therapy.

1 hour :

$88 for one person

$111 for a group (2 or more)

75 minutes :

$111 for one person

$133 for a group (2 or more)

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