what is reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese technique of stress reduction and energy work. The purpose of Reiki is to allow the receiver to come to a place of complete relaxation so the body and mind can heal any blockages physically or emotionally.

It is the practitioners honor to hold space while moving stagnant energy out, replacing it with good energy or chi.

It is the receiver that is healing him or herself, the giver is a guide and only knows so much of what is happening within.

30 minute virtual reiki session

3o minutes is a perfect amount of time to reset and come back into your highest state of being.

We will move through an aura cleansing process and align your energy centers to optimal vibration.

If any intuitive messages come through, I will share if given permission by the receiver. 

Virtual sessions involve more verbal communication than an in person treatment. I will guide you through each step I am taking and ask certain questions to access the areas you feel there are blockages.

price: sliding scale minimum $20

suggested donation is $1 - $2 per minute.

I accept venmo or paypal.

I am not a doctor, licensed therapist or registered nurse. Do not change or discontinue use of any medications without contacting your health care physician. Reiki may help symptoms of severe illness and/or dis-ease.

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